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One stop for all your building maintenance services, repairs and renovations

Trades Group offers its services through six integrated divisions that draw on the expertise, skills, experience and synergy that exist between them. We can put together a qualified and experienced trades team to take on almost any type of building maintenance services, repairs and renovations around Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Trades Make Safe

24/7 emergency response service for residential, business and community properties to make safe damage caused by burglary, rain, flooding, fire, wind, storm, vandalism, vehicle intrusion, etc. Read more about make safes

Trades Restoration

Undertakes repairs, restorations and renovations required to a building after it has incurred damage or as part of a planned upgrade or regular maintenance schedule. Read more about repairs, renovations and restorations

Trades Hire

Provides priority access for our clients to a full array of equipment, from small plant, to scaffolding, acrow props (steel), tarps, lights, fencing, scissor lifts, dryers and dehumidifiers, etc. Read more about hire equipment

Trades Fabrication

Custom fabrication service for any product, part or structure that needs to be made from steel or aluminium. Read more about custom metalwork

Trades Concreting

Undertakes large-scale concreting as part of small-to-medium building projects and jobs of all sizes and types for councils, insurers, owners’ corporations, and home and property owners. Read more about concreting

Trades Design Build

Undertakes new building works such as residential homes and blocks of units or townhouses, providing a complete end-to-end service from design and planning through to building to the final landscaping. Read more about building works