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Qualified concreters for all your driveway, pathway and building needs

Trades Concreting undertakes large-scale concreting work as part of small-to-medium building projects. We also take on jobs for home and property owners, including as part of a multi-skilled trades team in conjunction with Trades Restoration and Trades Fabrication.

Our concreters are certificate-qualified and widely experienced in producing durable, high-quality concrete. Concrete is a relatively simple building material, but it does take skill and knowledge to properly finish and cure it to reach its full strength potential.

Trades Concreting can build:

  • Large flooring/parking/garage areas
  • Large outdoor areas around buildings
  • Driveways, pathways, steps and retaining walls
  • Housing/garage slabs
  • Outdoor entertainment areas (all concrete or concrete and brick)
  • Kerbs around garden beds as part of a concreted area
  • Footings for brick fences (done in conjunction with Trades Restoration)
  • Any other concrete-related project around the home or business premises

We offer a variety of finishes that can include colour, exposed aggregate and decorative stencils. We also do concrete repairs, replacing damaged blocks and resealing major cracks.

We can assist you to choose the best concrete characteristics for your needs, such as type and size of aggregate, colour, type of cement used, and the final compressive strength required for the cured concrete.

Trades Concreting undertakes careful site preparation, including removal of old concrete if needed. We erect good-quality formwork to ensure that your concrete takes the exact shape planned.

Our concreters expertly finish and cure your concrete to ensure it reaches its full strength and is less likely to crack over time.