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Custom metal fabrication for home and business uses

Trades Fabrication specialises in custom fabrication in steel and aluminium. We can fabricate any item that may be needed as part of a new building, home or office renovation, custom furniture design, gates and fencing, or any instance where metal needs to be moulded, cut or shaped to a specific need.

We can create:

  • Victorian-style metal inserts for brick fences. (We can also work to many other classic designs, e.g. Federation, Gothic, or create a fence to your own unique design)
  • Pergolas in all metal or metal and wood
  • Full-metal gates or metal-and-wood gates
  • Ornate balustrades and handrails
  • Metal components of custom-designed furniture (often used in business settings and prestige residential developments)
  • Steel beams used for structural strength in certain types of residential building
  • Louvres and shutters
  • Barbecue and pizza oven inserts
  • Sculptures

Our certificate-qualified and highly experienced fabrication tradesmen can use any of several welding methods – including oxy-acetylene, MIG (Metallic Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MMA (Manual Metal Arc) – according to the requirements of the project.

In conjunction with Trades Restoration and Trades Concreting, Trades Fabrication can provide a complete brick-and-metal or metal-and-wood fence building service plus undertake any concreting required for footings or surrounding paved areas. We can assemble and manage a qualified, multi-skilled trades team for whatever the job requires.

Trades Fabrication provides services all around metropolitan Melbourne and in many areas of regional Victoria.